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The Best Tourist Attraction in Ubud!

Monkey Forest

This was the absolute highlight for me. It’s a MUST when visiting Ubud. You get to visit the home of approx 200 monkeys, in their natural habitat. Forget the zoo! You get to see these guys up close and personal, going about their business. It’s fascinating to watch and it’s a very special experience.

Be warned – The monkeys are inquisitive and happy to forage for treats. Hold onto your belongings and don’t go anywhere near Monkey Forest with food that you are not happy to hand over!

Top Tip – Avoid the vendors selling the bananas at the entrance and up at the temple. The monkeys are gathered around as they want to be fed. People buy the bananas and hold them out for the monkeys so that they can get an epic photo. However, it’s all very frantic. The monkeys are fighting to get their treat and they are not interested in chilling on your shoulder for you to get a great photo. Plus, if you don’t let the banana go they will nip at you to hand it over!

Up at the main temple one of the workers there has a great system going. You pay him 20k IDR and he hands a very relaxed monkey some nuts. He hopped up on my shoulder and was very chilled. I had LOADS of pictures taken with him and it was an amazing experience. I’d highly recommend it!