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The Markets of Ubud

I love a good market. The colour, the atmosphere, the hunt for a bargain and the banter of bartering… It’s my idea of a great afternoon.

The markets of Ubud do not disappoint. We shopped ’til we dropped and came home with maxi dress, yoga tops, beautiful sarongs, beaded flip flops, decorative bowls, coasters and a range of pretty souvenirs.

Top Tips:

You absolutely have to haggle with the stall owner. It’s part of the process. Bagging a bargain is half the fun!

Get value! Every maxi dress that we bought was 250k IDR (€14) on the first ask. We automatically said we’d give 50k IDR (€3) After feigned shock from the owner 🙂 and a lot of over and back we agreed on 90k IDR (€5.30) We didn’t pay any more than that for a maxi dress on any other stall.

We heard a lot of other tourists only knocking 50k IDR off when told the 250k IDR price, so they were giving a lot more for the same items.

Walk away! If the vendor doesn’t call after you, then they really are being genuine that your price is too low!

Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. At one stage we had walked away from something that we really wanted to buy, because we wouldn’t give in on the price. On reflection we were arguing over €2!

Good Luck! They have a tradition in the market that the first sale of the day is very important. It will bring them good luck for the days trading ahead. We nabbed some great bargains with vendors wanting their first sale of the day. They hit the money from the sale off their wares to spread the luck of their sale to the rest of their merchandise. A lovely tradition!

Enjoy your time exploring the markets of Ubud and treat yourself to a mid-day shopping break in the coffee shops along the main street… Or maybe even a cocktail! 🙂